urban farms for decarbonised algoculture

Produce the clever way

Dynamise urban territories

Make cities breathe

Installing algofarms in urban areas to exploit and commercialise locally microalgae-based products

URBAN ALGAE is a company committed to delivering urban algoculture solutions that respect our environment.

We install robust and proven production technologies called photobioreactors to stimulate the photosynthetic activity of microalgae, to make urban areas greener thanks to innovation.

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Enhance the valuation of your buildings the clever way

  • Low-carbon exploitation of available urban areas
  • Vegetation of buildings’ roofs and surfaces
  • Air decarbonisation
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Design product opportunities on a growing sector

  • Valuation of liquid and gas wastes
  • Biomass-based agro-industrial products
  • Fast-growing market opportunities
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Reduce the carbon footprint of your local territory

  • Sustainable commitment for carbon neutrality
  • Urban algofarms intergrate within local activities
  • Leverage responsibly towards future skilled jobs

Microalgae biotechnology serving nature

  • The microorganisms we use in our algofarms conduct a vital natural phenomenon called photosynthesis.
  • Our urban « forests » in glass tubes fit in urban architecture and help microalgae capture CO2 then produce O2.
  • Our job is to provide our clients adapted and all-inclusive solutions to our clients wishing to install urban algofarms.


Bordeaux (33)

Product development


Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle (64)

Partnership aimed at training and recruitment of future professionals


La Rochelle (17)

Installation of an urban algofarm

A 100 m³ URBAN ALGAE algofarm can capture as much carbone dioxyde as 375 eucalyptus*, which represent 20 tons of CO2 captured each year!

*Average eucalyptus dimensions : height 8 meters, diameter 40 cm.

Our technic expertise as a solution to environmental issues

Marine free living algae account for almost 50% of the world carbon biogenic fixation (CO2), even though accounting for less than 1% of the photosynthetic biomass on Earth (Falkowski 2012)

It is for this extraordinary potential that we have chosen to use these microorganisms, several billion years-od. We are proud to be able to deliver a real innovation with regards to get cities greener.


Climate change, food insecurities, natural resources shortages, mismanagement of water supplies, animal overexploitation… so many reasons to dig new ways: microalgae production!


Urban algofarms installed by URBAN ALGAE are production systems called photobioreactors (PBRs). Our equipment are tailor-made, robust, proven to work in hundred locations across the world, and are best on the market in terms of technologic innovation.


We are able to supply biomass produced in our algofarms (Arthrospira, Chlorella, Haematococcus…) to businesses and industries for their raw material procurement. URBAN ALGAE also distributes consumables essential to algoculture, aimed àat aquaculture professionals and specialised universities.

What’s new with urban algoculture?

Partenariat Immunrise Biocontrol & Urban Algae

Partenariat Immunrise Biocontrol & Urban Algae

Urban Algae se positionne ainsi comme un partenaire solide pour les entreprises dans leur montée en échelle en apportant une technologie fiable et un savoir-faire reconnu.
« Nous souhaitons proposer un accompagnement sur mesure, en apportant notre expertise aussi bien avec des start-up qu’avec des industriels qui s’intéressent à la production de microalgues, de la petite à la grande échelle » déclare Alexis Chatain.

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