Placing nature back in front of our eyes since 2016

Pollution, nutrition, circular economy: world’s greatest issues

Well before founding URBAN ALGAE, Alexis Chatain, now president, has taken into account in his daily actions the following major global issues:

  • How to feed 9 billion humans by 2050?
  • How to solve human activities’ carbon footprint, especially in urban areas?
  • How to contribute to economic wealth in a sustainable development manner through innovation?

    How to develop sustainable technologies in France and in Europe?

    Alexis has noticed that simple solutions could be done more rapidly, could be applied further to get vital issues on the way to be solved for our planet.

    This is why in 2016 Alexis conceived a solution – at his scale – to be able to contribute to make our cities more breathable.

    URBAN ALGAE was born to contribute to these issues.

    After so many tests and funding phases, Alexis has enlarged URBAN ALGAE with a senior board in 2020, composed of professional experts to guarantee that every skills are met along the value chain (from manufacturing the algofarms, to product marketing).

    Introducing URBAN ALGAE’s senior board members:

    • Joe Mc Donald has 20+ years expertise in providing algofarming facilities internationally with his company VARICON AQUA
    • Jean-Michel Pommet provides URBAN ALGAE with his market-oriented vision as he’s an expert in nutrition and product marketing. He also adds great value to the company thanks to an international network of partners.

    Since 2016, Camélia has supported URBAN ALGAE on the long run, to develop a strong brand and digital communications.

    Let’s keep writing history together


    We are very proud to having gathered a team of enthusiast partners, supporting our project. We will never be grateful enough to believe in our vision!

    After 6 years of tests and commercialisation, we have proven the viability of URBAN ALGAE’s concept toward our partners who continue developing with us new innovative projects.

    In our algofarms, we produce raw material for the purpose of bringing a new kind of value to our cities and industrial sites.

    Do you feel interested with our projects?

    You feel like…:

    touching base with us to discuss your building’s valuation?
    getting help in launching your own urban farm?
    just chatting with our team of experts?

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