Develop realistic and profitable solutions

Our reason to be

We exploit microalgae from production to commercialisation by using unused urban spaces, by sustaining economic activities (agro-food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, energy…), by helping our cities breathe, by developing natural food products for consumers.

URBAN ALGAE is committed to have an impact on the management of local natural resources, eco-friendly and species-friendly activities.

We are a “company with a mission”

According to French law (PACTE Act, article 61), URBAN ALGAE is a “company with a mission”. This means that our entity’s reason to be – our mission – is written down on our statutes.

We are a for-profit organisation, but these particular law statutes means that our search for economic performance and profitability is also closely linked to an aim of a certain public interest.

URBAN ALGAE is fully ingrained by sustainable development which integrates microalgae production solutions as cleverly as possible, on a local urban scale.