Installing urban algofarms to enhance city’s spaces potential

Algoculture’s digital process

Our urban algofarms’ performance is digitally monitored in real time, which allows us and our client to optimise the quality of biomass produced.

Our clients can simultaneously and remotely operate a large quantity of decentralised farms (i.e. linked to a sole network).

We also ensure our professional clients the sales of microalgae biomass we produce in our farms online.

Our 3 key-activities

URBAN ALGAE’s actions are drawn in different sectors like GreenTech, laBioTech and CleanTech.

We ensure the value-chain process: from conception to distribution, from setting up material infrastructures and essential consumables to microalgae’s actual production.

Installation, Exploitation, Commercialisation

Installation of urban algofarms

We work with any company wishing to host an algofarm on their building rooftop, or any space in an urban zone.

We conceive, install and launch the microalgae production system.

Exploitating biomass

Microalgae have to be regularly cropped according to specific technical process. We train operators in charge of their algofarming facilities.

Upon request, on a yearly basis, we can also take into our charge the product marketing aspects of the production, according to adapted financial business models.

Commercialisation of microalgae-baseproducts

We sell our biomass production locally, in short circuit.

One part of our crop is either dried or maintained fresh. It is then sent to industry professionals to be transformed (agri-food, health and cosmetics).

Another part is sold directly to consumers under finished products like food supplements (i.e. powder, flakes or capsules).