Microalgae and their potential for the future

The origin of microalgae

Microalgae – also called phytoplancton – are microorganisms having extraordinary natural nutritional properties, and they grow with their photosynthetic apparatus in both salt or sweet waters.

Microalgae naturally use light to transform carbon dioxyde, water and nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus…) into energy. They are incredible sources of proteins, essential fatty acids and essential amino-acids, caroténoids, iron, oligoelements and vitamins.

In Europe, microalgae production has boomed: compting 447 production units in 23 countries (Araujo, R, 2021).

URBAN ALGAE’s areas of innovation

We unfold our expertise via a bunch of continuous innovation activities in the sectors of GreenTech, BioTech, CleanTech.

At URBAN ALGAE we seek by all means possible to create the conditions of positive impacts for our activities with our partners and clients.

Our innovation capabilities are encapsulated in the following three major exploration areas:

1. Produce microalgae in urban areas, and give value to available liquid and gas wastes locally

We set up installations to:

  • Produce microalgae with outstanding healthy properties
  • capture available CO2 in cities
  • Reject oxygen

2. Supply microalgae-based raw material to tackle the needs of local industrial ecosystems

We develop solutions generating marketing opportunities for the following sectors:

  • nutrition
  • agri-food
  • aquaculture
  • cosmetics
  • dying industry
  • agronomy
  • pharmacy
  • parapharmacy
  • bioplastics

3. Develop innovative and eco-friendly products for direct use

We launch and help launch products on the market, also ensuring they meet non-negotiable conditions :

  • conception of products respecting responsible consumption standards
  • eco-friendly packaging
  • short circuits distribution systems
  • consumption promoting microalgae’s healthy benefits

Discover UP ALGAE, our new spirulina brand for consumers!

UP ALGAE is the only feel-good food range whih is innovative, microalgae-based and produced in an urban algofarm. URBAN ALGAE provides all the nutrients necessary to keep a good health.