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The VARICON AQUA technology

All photobioreactors exploited by URBAN ALGAE are made by VARICON AQUA, company founded bu our senior board member Joe McDonald. We enjoy more than 20 years experience in the making and installing of algoculture devices, in hundreds of sites across the planet.

URBAN ALGAE has chosen these PBRs because they are robust and can adapt to a variety of microalgae stems, in still or salt water.

URBAN ALGAE now distributes VARICON AQUA equipments and products in Europe.

Taylor-made photobioreactors for your project

The range of our algofarms currently includes 4 types of photobioreactors. The PBRs we install in urban areas present robust qualities for commercial and scientific microalgae production: they fit the particularities of each location and project specifications.

The volume of our installations simply varies according to the size and surface of the space available. Some adjustments are needed according to our clients’ expected yelds (i.e.possibility to produce 24h/7 with LED installation).

Finally, the PBRs can be remotely operated, with the help of a digital control system, which allows us to monitor several farms in different geographic places.

  • Phyco FlowTM
  • Phyco Lift
  • Phyco Bubble
  • Phyco Conical

Our installation and training services are customised

We adapt your algofarm project to the context and the situation you forecast for your desired biomass exploitation. Your location is provided with all the tools needed (complete chain of production) from microalgae stems and energy sources to the finished product.

We train your teams to master algoculture in any European country. Your teams are given outstanding training to be able to integrate the skills required to deliver microalgae biomass for sales purposes according to quality standards. You will then be able to operate your own exploitation site autonomously and guarantee a qualitative production.

Our exclusive partnership with VARICON AQUA also allows us to provide technical support anywhere in Europe for all your installations.

Qualty and ecofriendly guarantee

Our installations allow us optimised traceability and our quality control protocols grarantee the conformity of the produced biomass to market and regulation strandards.

  • 100% made in France
  • Without GMO
  • Does not contain phytosanitary products
  • 100% vegan

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