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Our impactful solutions for urban areas

URBAN ALGAE’s raison d’être is to install algofarms and sell city-grown microalgae production. We are committed to a double activity (production and commercialisation) with the best impact possible on environment, and the health of us, humans.

Impact on environment

Our production facilities have a direct impact on the environment as they make the best use of available urban space to depollute the atmosphere.

Impact on health

URBAN ALGAE provide economic actors – including consumers – with new responsible healthy options (nutrition, health and cosmetics) for manufacturing and consumption purposes.

Impact on society

For local bodies and competitive companies’ long-term sake, we invite them to develop urban algoculture. We operate on fast-growing markets (food, phytosanitary, nutraceutical, cosmetic products, urban revegetation, etc.) on a sustainable scale.


Bring value to your building roof the clever way!

  • Air decarbonisation and waste management
  • Vegetation of buildings’ roofs and surfaces
  • Utilisation of non-exploited urban zones


Develop market opportunities on fast-growing sectors

  • Molecule extraction according to High Added Value process
  • Biomass-based agro-industrial products
  • Fast-growing market opportunities


Reduce the carbon footprint of your local territory

  • Sustainable commitment to reduce carbon impact
  • Our aesthetic depolluting urban algofarms capture Co2
  • Leverage responsibly towards skilled jobs