Our impactful solutions for urban areas


We are committed to act with maximum possible impact on our environment, our health and places where we live. Microalgae are one of the most profitable nutrition solutions for the future and the best alternative to animal-based food, in terms of food safety.

Impact on environment

The production modules we install capture CO2 in any available urban space. Our production process is an assurance for food production safety.

Our installations are sustainable in the long term and they are perfectly adapted to answer food security and water management issues.

The urban algofarming aboveground mode does not compete with agriculture land; it completes it!

Impact on health

URBAN ALGAE provides new options for most actors – including consumers – for responsible consumption (i.e. nutrition, health, cosmetics). Developing urban algofarms projects also helps us educating consumers around the necessity to think nutrition differently. Eating well, in harmony with our planet is a major health issue we want to have a say and wish to participate.

Impact on society

Dynamic entities (i.e. local governments, businesses…) have all a common long-term interest to invest in urban algoculture’s development: the markets on which we operate with our partners (nutrition, phytosanitary, nutraceutics, cosmetics, etc.) bring us all into growing in a responsible and sustainable fashion.


Enhance the valuation of your buildings the clever way

  • Low-carbon exploitation of available urban areas
  • Vegetation of buildings’ roofs and surfaces
  • Air decarbonisation


Design product opportunities on a growing sector

  • Ecologic valuation of liquid and gas wastes
  • Biomass-based agro-industrial products
  • Fast-growing market opportunities


Reduce the carbon footprint of your local territory

  • Sustainable commitment for carbon neutrality
  • Urban algofarms intergrate within local activities
  • Leverage responsibly towards future skilled jobs