Installing algofarms
on urban roofs

URBAN ALGAE help companies optimise real estate assets

The roofs of most businesses, may they be services or industries, are generally not used to their maximum potential.

How about a company deciding to generate tons of biomass worth 100 to 200€ per kilogramme without having to rent any additional space?

There is a real long-term economic opportunity installing a consumable raw material production facility. Especially if this material is very popular for its healthy properties. Add to this the fact that producing such biomass helps decarbonate and gets corporate communications look positive!

We install urban algofarms to optimise your buildings


What kinds of buildings can be equipped with urban algofarms?

We install URBAN ALGAE algofarms on flat spaces, according to current urbanism norms:

  • Serviced lands (surface higher than 1,000 m²) with concrete slab ready to accomodate,
  • Valuation of existing real estate: available greenhouses, parking areas, etc.,
  • Any buildings’ rooftop with enough surface to match proper return on investment.



Why your business should benefit an urban algofarm installation?

Lower constraints
  • Direct proximity to a dedicated value-chain hub
  • Easy access to procurement of production material and consumables
  • Easy access for operators
  • Easy access with crane for a roof or facade installation
  • Easy security
Transformation of carbon dioxyde to viable solutions
  • Possible access and pairing with VMC or any other CO2 enriched air source
  • Recycling of water wastes (rain, drilling water, used water, etc.)
  • Quantification of heat sources
  • Sea ecosystems, BioTech, CleanTech, agri-food, aquaculture, nutrition
Communications tool
  • Vegetation of buildings’ roofs and surfaces
  • Aesthetic installations visible from outside
  • Local production of O2 and local sequestration of CO2
  • Inclusion projects promoting local ecosystems
Operational production installations

We equip companies with microalgae production units focusing on local value chain development:

  • Co-transformation of CO2 wastes
  • Waste transformation of azote, phosphorus, potassium and carbon
  • Development of microalgae-based phytosanitary products
  • Production units consume few water and reject oxygene
Possibility of managing the value chain entirely

Whether a company needs assistance in commercialising the products of its production units, we provide sales channels for:

  • Fresh microalgue
  • Dehydrated microalgue
  • Nutriments, etc.

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