Develop urban algoculture-based products

URBAN ALGAE help industries develop market opportunities on a fast-growing sector


We are about to become the essential actor for industrials, in their search of “urban biomass” for their food, health and cosmetics product developments.

We create in line with industry actors the microalgae-based products made in urban areas.



URBAN ALGAE multiply the number of production sites and wishes to reach annual production of 20 tons in Europe for the agri-food sector only.

In parallel of this activity we develop with our partners consumer product innovations (dietary supplement, food & beverage, etc.) based on microalgae, for direct sale to consumers.



History has proven that the human beings have consumed microalgae for thousands of years. May it be for nourishing purposes or body healing. For example, spirulina contains thiry times more proteins than soya.

URBAN ALGAE is a supplier of microalgae-based raw material – biomass – for health and parapharmacy industries. This way, by procuring health and parapharmacy actors, we ensure the development of innovative solutions.



The cosmetics industry professionals are also very keen to use our urban biomass as we have diversified the production of various types of microalgae: spirulina (blue), chlorella (green), astaxanthin (red), etc.

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