Innovating for our city’s environment

URBAN ALGAE provides solutions to the public sector actors seeking to reduce their urban territories’ carbon impact

Public administrations seek new viable solutions to reduce their carbon footprint.

For them, we provide all-inclusive solutions to meet energy transition specs and constraints.

Cities breathe better as our algofarms capture CO2 !

Virtuous solutions where the city is willing to innovate


We provide sustainable production facilities along with our public partners, who are committed in favor of energetic transition solutions. We set up urban microalgae production farms next to zones in need of particular ecologic actions.

Also, we make urban spaces greener, as our algofarms are a clean and nice solution which brings more aire to our cities.

Our solutions re-dynamize economic activities


We build viable projects, economically and socially, as we promote local activities for the territories.

Also, we supply training with our production equipment for operators to be able to take ownership of these disruptive agriculture means, and build solutions for the future.

Leveraging responsibly towards future skilled jobs


Our objective is to enhance know-hows’ transmition to next generations, as they will have their turn the responsibility to build vertuous economic options in line with local economies.

Also, we are fully committed in future talents’ education in high schools and university: we provide the youth theoretical, practical material, and they can train on our facilities.

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