The concept of urban algofarms


What is algoculture?

Algoculture is the culture of microalgae. It is an activity that requires an expertise in microalgae biology in order to reproduce ideal growth conditions inside what we call photobioreactors: the production systems.


What is an urban algofarm?

There are as many types of microalgae production farms as there are types of photobioreactors: open air basins with paddle wheels, solar panel-like flat systems, tube systems, etc.

Thanks to these installations, URBAN ALGAE produce different genres of biomass from different microalgae (Arthrospira, Chlorella, Haematococcus), in a controlled environment, and adapt the production to local geographic urban conditions and the desired outcome.


Why installing an algofarm in an urban area?

Contracting with URBAN ALGAE to install an algofarm has several benefits:

  • Eco-friendly projects focused on sustainable and viable development
  • Limitation of carbon footprint, CO2 capture, sustainable water management
  • Distribution via short circuit
  • Greener cities and architectural innovation
  • Jobs creation locally and better territorial attractiveness
  • Limiting human impact on animal conditions (vegetal proteins, substitute to animal-based flours for cattle or aquaculture)
  • Support of local industries for ecologic transition
  • High potential in product innovation in fast-growing sectors
  • Robust technology used by URBAN ALGAE partners internationally