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Taylor-made study

All our projects are methodically designed…

URBAN ALGAE’s production philosophy was first designed to reach feasibility for impactful and responsible projects. We sign off every step of the project’s viability first with a methodical tailor-made study. In other words, we ensure that the algofarms we install will fit nicely within the ecosystem, but also generate enough profitability in the long run, especially for such sectors as agri-food and nutrition.

For example, when we work with a landlord for a several months-long partnership, we study before-hand the local environment to make sure the project will include every aspects of the project’s long-term run. Our objective is to define how our algofarms will last the longest considering local constraints.

…because they are in line with our clients’ specific key-objectives

Our solutions meet our clients’ specific needs in line with their own activites or environments.

For example, we have provided one of our clients, in a browfield site, with an eco-friendly solution to use their wastes and turn them into the source for a several-thousand liters algofarm.

Our projects


Bordeaux (33)

Product development


Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle (64)

Partnership aimed at training and recruitment of future professionals


La Rochelle (17)

Installation of an urban algofarm

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